2017 Tri-Wall International Innovation Contest

Hosted by Mr. Hitoshi Furukawa and Ms. Joan Zhu, the contest started at 9:00 am. Chairman of the Tri-Wall Group, Mr. Yuji Suzuki, gave a warm welcome speech to participants from all over the world. Mr. Hirofumi Hori from Rengo Group also expressed his encouragement and introduced Rengo’s Vision 110, a challenge formulated to celebrate Rengo’s 110th anniversary in 2019. The jury of this year’s Contest was made up of 10 members from the management team of our group as well as Mr. Hori.

In the allocated 15 minutes, contestants introduced their innovative solutions in various fields with wonderful presentation skills. The jury team watched and evaluated each presentation carefully. In the Q&A section, presenters were challenged by the jury team and the audience with questions from all perspectives, and the presenters were able to achieve outstanding performance with quick and satisfactory responses. This was a great chance to discuss and exchange ideas.

After the 9-hour competition, an award ceremony was arranged for everyone to enjoy during the evening. After the rankings were announced, Mr. Suzuki presented the awards to all winners. The top three winners were:

  • 1st Prize: TPMS
  • 2nd Prize: TAKAMURA
  • 3rd Prize: Tri-Wall Vietnam

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation for all of the hard work and support provided by the lovely people at TPMS. Next year, the Tri-Wall International Innovation Contest will be held in China.