Tri-Wall is a heavy-duty corrugated package with a maximum pressure resistance strength of 3,400 kg.

Heavy, Large, Long and Important products can be
Load many products into a container
Simplify packing operation
Protect products from damage

Tri-Wall has reduced total transportation costs by an average of 20% to date.

To reduce total logistics costs

1. Pack more into containers .

2. Decrease package dimensions and weight.

3. Decrease Damaged Goods.

4. Reduce packaging and secondary materials.

5. Reduce inventory of packing materials.

6. Simplify packing and unpacking operations.

7. Design packaging according to the conditions of the destination country.

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Tri-Wall solves these challenges in export packaging.

Reduce transportation costs by stacking in containers

Stacking allows more products to be placed in a container, reducing transportation costs.

Protects products from water and moisture

Maintains strength and protects valuable products even in hot and humid environments in containers.

Safe and easy packaging operation

It can reduce worker and sub-material costs.

Effective use of warehouse and factory space

Delivered in compact collapsed form.

Recyclable and Reusable

Easy to unpack, easy to dispose of after arrival, and no cost

Reduce environmental impact

By replacing wooden boxes with TRI-WALL PACK, about 60% of wood resources can be saved, packaging materials are lightweight and small, and a large amount can be transported at once by stacking, so the amount of CO2 emitted can also be reduced

Tri-Wall meets many global transport packaging standards. It has been used for 70 years around the world in a variety of industries to improve logistics efficiency.

Tri-Wall was developed in 1952 by two brothers at Abe Goldstein, a small box manufacturer in New Jersey, USA.

As an alternative to wood and metal packaging, Tri-Wall’s advantages were quickly recognized; within a decade, Tri-Wall could be found in virtually every area of industrial and agricultural transportation packaging.

It conforms to government and transportation packaging standards in more than 42 countries around the world. Its quality is proven by standards around the world, such as the most stringent former US Federal Standard PPP-B-640d, US Rail Transport Standard Rule 41, US Rail Transport Standard Item 222, NATO standards, IATA (International Air Transport Agreement) standards, and British and German government standards.

We offer tailor-made packaging to suit your products.

Heavy Duty Sheet

It is as strong as a 12mm plywood sheet and can handle up to 3400kg, while only weighing one-third as much as wood. By using it as packaging material, logistics costs can be reduced.

Tri-Wall Pak

Considering many issues such as product shape, weight, size, rust, packing and unpacking work, container loading capacity, cargo handling, environment during transportation, and disposal, Tri-Wall’s unique packaging design improves transportation efficiency. I would like to make a suggestion.

UNI-PAK® Returnable Box

Uni-Pak is a unique packaging system with a design that allows for reuse and returns. It consists of Try-Wall pack sleeves, plastic tops, and pallets.


It is a solution suitable for bulk shipments of various small items, non-damaged goods, chemical resins or pellets, chemical powders, elastomers, bioplastic pellets or powders, dry flowable materials, and agricultural products.


Due to its strength and light weight, it improves workability and reduces shipping costs. There are no concerns about insects or disposal issues. By considering weight and handling, it offers reasonable prices with appropriate materials and designs.

IBC Container Box

Cardboard liquid packaging system (Bag in Box)


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