Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just professional packaging services. We also strive to design and develop environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products. We are proud to offer a range of non-wooden point-of-purchase (POP) displays and office supplies made from corrugated sheets. Using our cutting-edge machines, we can handle any design and bring your ideas to life. Join us in our mission to create a greener future with our eco-friendly products.

Reasons to choose Tri-Wall POP Display

  1. Corrugated display is strength, light-weighted and easy to handle
  2. It is made of compressed waste paper, which brings strong durability and can be used repeatedly. Therefore, it will significantly reduce the pollution and impact to the environment.
  3. It’s easy to dispose. In this way, customers can save costs, and improve efficiency.
  4. The surface can be printed all kinds of images and words. Engineers of Tri-Wall can design each display according to customer’s requests and add more creativity. Thus, Tri-Wall’s displays are more creative and attractive.