YOYO BIN is strong and lightweight, which improves workability and reduces shipping costs. There are no concerns about insects or disposal issues. By considering weight and handling, it offers reasonable prices with appropriate materials and designs.

The YOYOBIN Nestable has been designed as a best in class storage and transportation container for multiple applications.

Available in both a solid and vented version, with a standard 1000 x 1200mm footprint, it has an optimal design for harvest, cold storage and food processing using both local and intercontinental transportation.

The lightweight construction and unique column design allows a maximum load capacity of 500 kg, achieved with a tare weight of under 26kgs.

The modular construction can be easily assembled for continued use or disassembled easily to nest and reduce shipping space and costs when empty. The YOYOBIN also has an option without fork straps and columns for applications that need to stack bins only three high.