“One World, One Tri-Wall”

The name “Tri-Wall” came into existence in the early 1950’s when Abe Goldstein, a small box maker in New Jersey, USA, invented the manufacturing process for a new, heavy-duty corrugated material he dubbed “Tri-Wall Pak®”.

As a replacement for wood and other outmoded materials that had dominated transport packaging up until that time, Tri-Wall Pak®’s many advantages were quickly recognized. Within a decade of its introduction into the US marketplace, Tri-Wall Pak® could be found in virtually every area of industrial and agricultural transport packaging.

The great success of Tri-Wall Pak in the US led the company to extend its reach worldwide through a series of local partnerships. Beginning with the UK in the late 1960’s, Tri-Wall came to Asia in 1974 when the company established a partnership with one of Japan’s largest paper companies. Over the next thirty-years the tremendous success of TRI-WALL K.K. in Japan led the company to expand into the neighboring regions of Korea, Taiwan, SE Asia, and China. This was the beginning of what we now call the “TRI-WALL GROUP”.

In 2010, Tri-Wall’s corporate headquarters was shifted from Tokyo to Hong Kong, a natural move reflecting the Group’s increasingly International corporate profile, and China’s central importance to the Group’s long-term vision and growth. From Hong Kong, TRI-WALL LIMITED oversees the Tri-Wall Group subsidiary holding companies for Japan, Southeast Asia, and China. Key functions include corporate planning, group financing, IT, and public/investor relations.


Established November, 2012
Represented Mr. Keiya Oka – Director

Lac Hong, Van Lam, Hung Yen


Kizuna 2, Tan Kim, Can Giuoc, Long An

Business Providing heavy-duty packaging materials, design, and services for exporting and factory-to-factory transport of heavy and/or high-value components.

Servicing primarily automotive, aerospace, chemicals, heavy industry, document management, electrical and electronics, and agricultural sectors.

Specializing in brand “Tri-Wall Pak” and “Bi-Wall Pak” heavy-duty AAA triple-wall and AA double-wall corrugated packaging, and

brand “Uni-Pak” returnable packaging systems. Holding company and corporate management of subsidiaries.

Supply for
  • Car and automotive parts
  • Aircraft and parts
  • Electric / Electronics
  • Solar Energy
  • Food and Drinks
  • Heavy machine industries
  • Chemicals
  • Garment and Textile
Strong points
  • Compression strength up to 4 tons
  • Water resistant, protect products inside
  • Light weight, reduce transportation cost
  • No fumigation requirement
  • Can be folded to save warehouse space
  • Can produce by any size